Essay on The Role of Monologue in A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Monologue in a midsummer night’s dream

Monologue is an uninterrupted speech by a character in a drama, the use of monologue occurs

when a person is speaking his or her thoughts aloud, directly referring to another character, or

speaking to the audience. In the book a midsummer night’s dream monologue is used

excessively because the writer (Shakespeare) intended for the characters to interact with the


Bottom has just woken up after having a strange “dream” and talking to himself he tries to

think of whst his dream could mean but decides that no man should ever say such madness.

(IV.i.199-216). Like Bottom Hermia wakes up after having a nightmare(strange dream) and

screams at Lysander to “help” her only to realize that he is not there, no one is around to hear

her scream for “help” therefore it is another example of a monologue(II.ii.151-162).

Helena contradicts what Hermia was telling her earlier, (that she hopes Demetrius will love her

back) she does not think Demetrius will ever love her back unless she tells him Hermia’s plan.

Hermia knows noth…

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