Essay on Questions On The Coat Of Arms

Coat of Arms

Christella So

Centennial College

Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms our group designed represents what we think about nursing and the characteristics that we think a nurse should possess. Spanning the width of the Coat of Arms, we have a clock that shows a patient recovering while receiving nursing care. The shield is the body and core of our Coat of Arms, and also represents our core values towards nursing – what nursing means to us and what qualities we think nurses should possess. Above the shield is a nursing cap, which is a common symbol of nursing. On the shield, we have a stethoscope surrounded by many buildings from different countries. Enclosed by the stethoscope are a heart, two shaking hands, and a vital sign. We also added angel wings to represent what people have typically been thinking of nursing. Below are the scales of justice, a quote from Jean Watson, and a dove which symbolizes peace. Among all those symbols, I believe that the cities of the Earth, the heart in the middle, the handshake, and the scales of justice represents what nursing means to me and the characteristics that nurses should have.

Many well-known buildings from different countries and a stethoscope are shown in the middle. The stethoscope is rounded into a circle to represent the Earth while the buildings represent all countries in the world we are living in. Good nurses have to view everyone fairly and must avoid discriminating against people of different colours and origin. Nursing is a profession that is responsible for global health and racism should not exist between any countries. Nurses shares information, and stand in the forefront to assist, and deliver health care to clients. According to Falk-Rafael (2006), health promotion, …

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…nd they are not just assistances of doctors. Nurses have their own jobs such as writing nursing diagnoses. On top of that, nurses have to have critical thinking, believe in social justice and respect as well as treat all clients equally. In addition, we have to be aware of cultural differences and of the fact that everyone is unique. Furthermore, health care we provide is altered based on social determinants of health. Lastly, therapeutic relationships are essential in health care. Only if we have a good therapeutic relationship with patients, are we able to know more about them and identify their needs, which helps nurses to make nursing interventions. I also learned about the limitations of therapeutic relationships — nurses are not able to assist with everything. Recognizing boundaries and limitations allows us to become more rounded and more successful nurses.

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