Essay on A Rose For Emily by William Faulkner

A Rose For Emily by William Faulkner is one of those stories with an unpredictable ending that leaves the reader with an eerie feeling. In this story Emily is a young woman who lives with her father. They are a high society family because of their money and this makes for a difficult life for Emily. Being high society means that she looks down on most people and that her father sees no man as good enough for her, so she leads a very lonely life. Her father dies suddenly one day, but Emily refuses to acknowledge it for three days, after which she is forced to let men take her father out of the house. A little while after this she meets a man and they being to talk a lot. Many people in the town have no idea what really goes on in her life, but they love to speculate. After awhile Emily orders a men’s bathroom set and clothes. This leads people to believe that she is going to marry Homer Barron . Strangely, she also goes to the store and purchases arsenic, which is poison. Everyone believes that they must have gotten married because no one ever sees Homer Barron again. Emily is a hermit because after this she is never really seen leaving her house. The only person that every goes in or out is her slave and even then it is only to go to the store. One day Emily dies and people who have been curious for all these years want to take a tour of her house. When they go upstairs into an old bedroom they find the body of Homer Barron laying in a bad as if he is holding something, they also find a gray hair on the pillow. Faulkner is a great writer and he even won the Noble Prize. In his acceptance speech he talks about how he believes that it is the writers duty to fulfill and uplift the mind of his reader. This is surprising because after…

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