Essay on “ A Rose For Emily “ And “ Murder Is A Sin

People are taught that murder is a sin. People are also taught not to seek revenge, but to pray for the person(s) that revenge is wanted on. Is that easier said than done? Absolutely. A definition of revenge is “An opportunity to retaliate or gain satisfaction” ( Satisfaction is not always guaranteed. In “A Rose For Emily” and “Killings” the motivation for murder is seen in Emily and Matt’s lives through their backgrounds, the relationships between them and their victims, as well as the emotional triggers that are revealed to the reader to make the stories add up to Emily and Matt’s final decisions to murder.

Emily had a close relationship to her father, and although the cause of his passing is left unsaid, it is made clear that she unquestionably struggled emotionally with it. Emily was taught by her father to believe she was above the law. After his passing she was confronted by the people of the town for many reasons; some of those reasons being her negligence to pay taxes, and her house being the root of the atrocious smell that was causing disruption within the town. When confronted, she stubbornly talked to them as if they were a disturbance to her; since they felt bad for Miss Emily, they left her alone. On very rare occasion would Emily leave her house or even have contact with anyone besides the Negro man who would be seen going in and out of the house with a market basket. Before she made her own personal decision to become homebound she did attempt to move on with her life after her father died, and that is when she met Homer Barron. He was the man she chose even if she was not the woman he chose. Likewise, Matt, the protagonist in “Killings”, had a close relationship to his children, wife, and friend….

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…im of things he knew about Richard. It seemed that everything that went on in Richards’s life, Matt knew, and that was just something he could not deal with. He made it obvious that he could not handle his family having to see him around when without a doubt should have been locked up. The way the execution of Frank is described is enough to fuel anybody with the need of revenge, especially a father.

A motive to kill can come from the need of revenge to the need of love and anywhere in between. Emily and Matt’s motives for murder were revealed to the readers by their backgrounds, the relationships between their selves and their victims, and the emotional trigger that sealed the deal. Matt’s motivation to murder Richard was the clearest, strongest, and most understandable because of the obvious strength of love between a son and his over protective, worrisome father.

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