Essay Defying Social Constraints in A Doll’s House

I really liked this play along with the other ones we have read in class. However, this plays seems to stand out to me because it takes a feminist point of view. It is always good to go inside the role of a woman and see how they feel and act upon their own thoughts. Good literature helps us to learn about how other people think and act. Moreover, when we can relate the characters actions to our lives or the world around us the meaning is more personal and beneficial. For some reason, I feel like many women out there really do feel like Nora. They are trapped in economic circumstances because it is the safe way to go. Many times woman do not truly love their husbands and are rather there just to live a safe and comfortable life. Even though I am not a woman I feel Nora’s pain and her urge to “break free.” It is the social constraints of society that despise woman to “break free,” but Nora defies these constraints.

Henrik Ibsen displays many similar characteristics of Nora to that of Kate Chopin’s, The Awakening. This novel is about Victorian women in which the…

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