Essay about The Life of Miss Emily Grierson in Faulkner’s A Rose for Emily

In William Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily” is a short unpleasant story. Everybody faces difficult hardships, relationships, and family matters, such as life and death of loved ones. While going through those difficult times people end up having a difficult time by letting go of loved ones. After reading “A Rose for Emily”, Miss Emily Grierson had to experience difficult times in her life. She could not date anybody, her father passed away, she met a soon to be great guy, poisoned him, and end up being alone.

The story began when Miss Emily Grierson’s father passed away. Miss Emily’s father was a very difficult person to do deal with. He was difficult because he seemed hard to get along with. He never seemed like he would be a person that could be pleased easily. He only wanted Miss Emily to be in his presence. I feel like he was maybe a jealous person because he never wanted Miss Emily dating or hanging out with any other guys than just him .He did not want her dating anyone or spending time with friends, if she had any, or anything. Miss Emily’s father thought no one could be good enough or be the perfect example for her. Miss Emily only had her father, and that was all. The community never saw Miss Emily or was apart of her life. After Miss Emily’s father passed away, it was only her. However, the community kept wondering where Miss Emily’s father was, because he nobody had seen him in a few days. Some people from the community apparently showed up at Miss Emily’s house and they asked her where her father was. Miss Emily denied her father and denied that was dead for three days. As for the people in the community the should have at least thought that Miss Emily was a little crazy and suspicious. According to Spark Notes, “Emily…

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…t. The ladies of the community said, “They are married” (Faulkner 124).

The ladies of the community said they are married because Miss Emily had purchased an entire outfit for Homer Barron. In my opinion, if a woman purchases a man an entire outfit, then they are obviously dating or married. Just like as if a man purchases a woman an entire outfit, then they are probably dating or married.

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