Essay about An Analysis Of Loraine Hansberry ‘s ‘ A Raisin Of The Sun ‘

In the play A Raisin in the Sun, written by Loraine Hansberry, there is a lower class family that experiences what life is like during 1959. In the play, the family of five all have many adversities but one of the main characters known as Walter Youngers, seems to be the most affected during this period of time due to the fact that he is a male, and has a bigger role to fill in his family. Like everybody, Walter has big dreams to pursue. As he tries to achieve them with money from his father’s death, there is many disputes in between the family that blinds them from realizing that money does not buy happiness.

The roles of men have not changed very much from 1930’s, 1950’s to now. Men have always been expected to do many things for the women as well for the family to be “socially expected”. One of the roles that men are expected to follow is having money not only for them but for their family as well. After the war, the economy expanded, according to PBS, so women in the 1950’s were housewives while the men left off to work from sun up till sun down. That way women could take care of the home and make sure there was control in the house meanwhile men were the ones bringing money to the home, but not many families had that lifestyle. The middle class was living comfortably (if you were of white color) but for, “all minority men and women except Asian, Indian and Japanese men earned less than white men.” (Swartz530) so this made the ones in the lower class have an image to try to keep up with. In the play, Walter’s wife Ruth, was the type of woman to cook and do all housewife duties for the family before going to her nine to five job. In the beginning of the play you hear her yelling, “Hurry up Travis… Walter Lee it’s time f…

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…bles turn when Walter is about to speak to Linder in front of his son. His mother makes him realize that taking the easy way out for his mistakes is not a good example for his son so he decides not to take the money. Travis looks up to Walter a lot and although Walter has made many mistakes, he never tries to show them in front of Travis.

Men have many standards that they have to meet, and it makes it even more difficult to meet them when they have a family looking up to them. They are always expected to bring the money home, always win, have strength, fight, be a good husband and never show their weaknesses. Men are what keeps the family going when the family seem to be falling apart. Towards the end of the play, Walter realizes that his family’s happiness is all that should matter him. Even if he has made mistakes in the past, it is never too late to fix them.

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