Easing Out the Ending of, A Doll’s House Essay

Groundbreaking themes were presented in Henrik Ibsen’s play, A Doll’s House. The play has shared an important message regarding feminism. It was released in the 1800’s, during time when women were not taken seriously. This has made the work essential for humanity to observe and respond to. One of the most important aspects of Ibsen’s play was the end, in which the main character, Nora Helmer leaves her husband. This was a shocking scene for unprepared audiences in theaters throughout the world. Divorce and separation from one’s spouse and children was not proper to discuss in public because it was not looked highly on. Critics and others who study the play wonder if the ending was too bold for the time.

While it was important to highlight the oppression of women in marriage and Nora’s dramatic exit served a valuable purpose to Ibsen’s thesis, It may have also been very effective if the last scene ended less shockingly. Audiences would have dealt more calmly with an ending in which Nora did not completely desert her family. If the end were different it may have benefited the overall mission of the play in ways, such as, more people attending shows and gaining the message without disturbing their moral beliefs too much. Also, the avoidance of a cliff hanger, an attribute of dramas that does not get along with many in the light of such a controversial topic. An alternate ending composed so that Nora could find herself and return with her family may have increased the approval of, A Doll’s House, and allow it to end on a more settling note.

Nora had to leave or she would never flourish and be liberated as an independent woman. This is found toward the end of the play. When Torvald forgives his upset wife for forging her …

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…ld does not leave the reader guessing or take away from the responsibility of parenthood. There are large differences among Ibsen’s ending and the one presented, but both allow the play to hold on to that dramatic realism. This honesty when exemplifying the circumstances of women in history has made, A Doll’s House, vital to study. If any official changes are made, it is most important to keep the main theme illuminated. The influential message that Ibsen has made clear is the value of self exploration for all beings and that principle should never be touched.

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