Casablanca: Romance as Metaphor for Propaganda

Anyone who fails to enjoy the 1942 Warners Brothers classic Casablanca on the level of a love story may likely also fail to apprehend why the movie consistently ranks at or near the top of critical assessments of the best Hollywood movies of all time. The truth is that Casablanca is actually deserving of far … Read moreCasablanca: Romance as Metaphor for Propaganda

Formalism in Casablanca

Casablanca, directed by Michael Curtiz and released in 1942, exhibits qualities of both the Classical Hollywood Narrative and Art Cinema. These two film structures are the equivalent to formalism in literature, but also point to other frameworks including feminism, postmodernism and new historicism. Art cinema and Classical Hollywood Narrative marry in Casablanca in a way … Read moreFormalism in Casablanca

Self-Interest and Self-Discovery in the Characters of ‘Casablanca’

Self interest is a prominent ideal in Casablanca, manifesting itself in characters such as Louis Renault, and his manipulative tendencies. Conversely, kindness and altruism prevail in characters such as Rick Blaine and Victor Lazlo, most saliently through their respective relationships with Ilsa Lund, as well as their prioritisation of politics. All of these characters do … Read moreSelf-Interest and Self-Discovery in the Characters of ‘Casablanca’