Healing Humanity and Other Recipes

Pope Francis said, “He -Jesus- does not stand a safe distance and does not act by delegating, but places himself in direct contact with out contagion”. In this quote, Pope Francis notes how Jesus selflessly gets directly involved in the earthly turmoil. Many literary figures exemplify this, for instance, Babette from Babette’s Feast by Karen … Read moreHealing Humanity and Other Recipes

The Limitations of Women’s Opportunities in “Babette’s Feast”

Throughout the text of “Babette’s Feast,” Martine and Philippa are described only as beautiful and fair, unlike their father who is portrayed as a dean and prophet, acknowledging his accomplishments directly to his worth, where as the sister’s worth is determined solely by their looks. Babette’s feast has many elements of sexism, that causes the … Read moreThe Limitations of Women’s Opportunities in “Babette’s Feast”