How Narrative Structure Can Send a Message

Jamaica Kincaid’s Girl communicates strong messages about both society’s expectations of women, and the way that certain things told to someone can have a large impact on them. The piece is written in the form of a continuous list. This style emulates our inner stream of consciousness and emphasizes the many messages expressed in the … Read moreHow Narrative Structure Can Send a Message

Colonialism, Discourse, and (Re)Writing the Self in Jamaica Kincaid’s “Girl”

Jamaica Kincaid has portrayed troubled mother-daughter relationships extensively throughout her work, but her 1978 story “Girl,” from her first short story collection At the Bottom of the River, remains her most succinct depiction of this theme. Her fraught relationship with her own mother, Annie Richardson, undoubtedly fueled Kincaid’s preoccupation with mothers, daughters, and their often … Read moreColonialism, Discourse, and (Re)Writing the Self in Jamaica Kincaid’s “Girl”

Representations of Caribbean Women in “Girl”

Mothers usually have their children’s best interest at heart, guiding them through life at an attempt to prevent offspring from repeating their own mistakes. In the short story, “Girl,” Kincaid depicts her teenage years after her mother gave birth to Kincaid’s three younger brothers in succession. The psychological perspective of this story raises many questions … Read moreRepresentations of Caribbean Women in “Girl”