Sea Symbolism in ‘Annie John’

As a Caribbean author, Jamaica Kincaid submerges Annie John, the novel, in rich sea symbolism. Living on the island of Antigua, and with Dominican parentage, the novel Annie John is immersed in deep, sea imagery, in which the author connects Annie John’s insular origins with the themes of (i) birth-rebirth (ii) childhood (iii) journey and … Read moreSea Symbolism in ‘Annie John’

Colonialism and Neocolonialism in Annie John

Colonialism pervades Annie John (1985) by Jamaica Kincaid as a theme underlying the action in the eventful life of a little girl and her coming of age into adolescence. Colonialism is defined as that “governing system by which an imperial nation dominates or exerts sovereign control and influence over administrative dependencies, territories or people” (New … Read moreColonialism and Neocolonialism in Annie John