Fiction as a Message: Kingsolver’s “Animal Dreams”

In Mother Teresa’s poem “Do It Anyway,” the famous missionary reflects on the numerous misfortunes that occur in daily life and advises people coming face-to-face with these issues to continue acting benevolently. As she advises her readers: “Give your best, and it will never be enough. Give your best anyway.” In her novel Animal Dreams, … Read moreFiction as a Message: Kingsolver’s “Animal Dreams”

Animal Dreams: The Female Western

In Animal Dreams, Barbara Kingsolver reinvents the Western genre, riffing on a couple of common tropes and stock characters while simultaneously creating a female-centered story that rejects the violence and disconnected heroes of stereotypical Westerns. As in many Western tales, a small town is threatened by a villain, but in this case it’s a type … Read moreAnimal Dreams: The Female Western

Symbols of Death in Animal Dreams

Somewhere amongst the fallen pecans, the woolen afghan, and the clandestine photographs, we can find in Animal Dreams a consistent symbol of death. Codi is followed throughout the story by a seeming demise of those around her, from friends and family to earthly surroundings. She is faced even with the loss of her own perceptions … Read moreSymbols of Death in Animal Dreams