Alias Grace Through a Feminist Lens

Feminism is defined as “the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes and the organized activities on behalf of women’s rights and interests” (Merriam-Webster). This includes liberation from sexual, religious, legal, and economic oppression as well as breaking free from rigid gender roles, which are justified by the biological differences between … Read moreAlias Grace Through a Feminist Lens

Masculinity in Alias Grace

Margaret Atwood’s Alias Grace presents masculinity through several characters throughout the book. In the majority of these cases, the men are portrayed as untrustworthy or dependent on a woman. A few characters that allow the reader to understand Atwood’s relationship and opinion of men include Dr. Simon Jordan, Jeremiah the Peddler, James McDermott, Thomas Kinnear, … Read moreMasculinity in Alias Grace