A Midsummer Night’s Dream Theme

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is one of the William Shakespeare’s comedy plays which is so profound in literally elements. The Duke of Athenian and Hippolyta, the four Athenian lovers and the actions surrounding these characters are the major components of the play. These comprise of the events of young lovers from Athens as well as a group of six inexperienced performers who are influenced and directed by the fairies who dwell the woodland where a substantial part of the play’s setting takes place.

One of the literary works that are prominent in the William Shakespeare play. Themes are quite essential and, in most cases, universal ideas reconnoitered in literary works such as narratives, songs, and poems. In this play, the themes are fundamental to the plot and structure development where Shakespeare is able to bring out relevant issues through them. It is therefore quite imperative to explore the important themes and how the characters facilitate the founding of themes.

One of the most widespread themes in the play is love. Time causes individuals to change their view concerning the people they perceived as attractive. At one stage in the play, the story of the four Athenian young lovers proclaim that even though “”the course of true love never did run smooth”” (Shakespeare Edited by Bevington I.I.134), portraying that true love is triumphant in the end, conveying happiness as well as harmony. On the other hand, at another stage, the audience may be compelled to make a consideration what a seemingly unreasonable and fanciful thing love is, at best when experienced amongst young people.

The other important theme in the play is the theme of magic. The magic from the fairies that present majority of the weirdest, as well as hilarious occasions in the plot, is another component key to the whimsical atmosphere of the play. Shakespeare makes use of magic both to exemplify the nearly unnatural strength of love (with love potion as the embodiment) in addition to establishing a strange world. Even though the abuse of magic results to muddily affairs, as when Puck erroneously smears the love potion to the eyelids of Lysander, magic, in the end, gives solution to the tensions in the through reestablishing love to equilibrium between the four Athenian youths.

The relationship between Hernia and Lysander plays an important role in developing the theme of love in the play. In the beginning, Demetrius tries to woo Hernia, but she refuses to marry him. Theseus is informed by Egeus that Hermia declines on entering into marriage with Demetrius, desiring in its place to get married to Lysander. He requests for the appropriate time to give Hermia a death punishment if she does not obey. Theseus holds to the traditional requirement and instructs that Hermia’s sole duty is to give in to her father’s will, and issues her with threats to abjure forever the society of men or to can become a nun You can endure the livery of a nun (Shakespeare Edited by Bevington I.I.70). So it is ordered, get married to the person her father desires. Lysander disapproves, but the law overrules the decision. Lysander and Hermia then resolve to run by night into the forest adjacent to Athens, where they are in a position to evade the law and then get married. They inform Helena concerning their plan. Helena, on the other hand, is deeply in love with Demetrius. In hopes of gaining favor with Demetrius, Helena tells him of the plan.

HERMINA. I will go tell him of fair Hermia’s flight.

Then to the wood will he tomorrow night

Pursue her. And for this intelligence

If I have thanks, it is a dear expense.

But herein mean I to enrich my pain,

To have his sight thither and back again. (Shakespeare Edited by Bevington I.I.246-51)

Lysander then falls in love with Helena. Issues of charm play a role in the separation of Hernia and Lysander, but they still end up together.

Pyramus And Thisbe in A Midsummer Night’s Dream

The story Pyramus and Thisbe is an example of a story within a story or a myse en abyme in another play known as mid-summer nights dream. The play was written by the veteran poet and actor William Shakespeare in the year 1590. The play is somehow similar to another play by the Shakespeare known as Juliet and Romeo.

The act took place in Theseus palace were three couples had just gotten married and were celebrating, feasting and getting entertained. A piece of paper written the number of people who were to perform was brought by philostrate. Theseus read the just brought list in order to choose one of the most interesting performances. The couples get fascinated by the play Pyramus and Thisbe. Then Quince introduces the play. The three couples then commented on the questions that followed about the play. The characters were then introduced and the play commenced (Tammie and Saxby, pg.7). In the story Pyramus and Thisbe who were neighbor’s fell in love.

The main challenge that the couples had was adversity between their families. The couples were prohibited by their parents to meet with each other when they were dating. Due that factor, they often communicated through a wall crack in a wall fence separating their houses. It was during this day that the couples decided to meet at Ninus’ tomb. They wanted to meet in order to cure the curiosity surrounding their love affair. When Thisbe arrived at the tomb he spotted a lioness who had just finished eating her pray and was smearing blood at her mouth. He escaped from the predator and left his veil behind. When Pyramus arrived at the tomb he was frustrated when he saw the veil with blood. He was frustrated because he thought that his partner was killed by the lion. Pyramus fell on the sword killing himself. Later Thisbe returned to the tomb and found that his lover was dead. She was deeply troubled by the encounter until she resulted to falling on the sword committing suicide. The gods were pitied by the incidence turning the mulberry tree into the crimson color.

It is true that the plot of the story Pyramus and Thisbe has a direct link with the story Romeo and Juliet bringing a confusion to several critics about which among the stories was written first (Delcorno & Pietro, pg.41). Apart from the two dramas making an emphasis to the issue of social convection and love, the story is a direct parallel to that of Juliet and Romeo. It is obvious that the talented author was mocking his love story Juliet and Romeo through a burlesque. Apart from other dramas by the author the story Midsummer night’s dream does not have any written source, so the story inside the story Pyramus and Thisbe is a development from a written source to strengthen the original story. Though the story is thought to have been crafted by a group of mechanics it is used by Shakespeare to strengthen the theme of forbidden love. Another reason why Shakespeare used the story in the play Midsummer night’s dream was to bring the different classes of his audience together. For instance, the audience comprised of working class, actors and mechanics who seem different in many aspects.

During these periods when the play was conducted, there existed thick lines of social distinctions among people in Europe. Many other poets who existed during that period also used their comic to try bring to end the then social distinctions. The social distinctions are further displayed in the similar story of Romeo and Juliet. The tactical author is also thought to have brought the tragic story to educate the young people who were present at the audience and other audiences in later generations. He was obviously teaching them that every young love has a bitter ending accompanied by tears. Young lovers can live happily throughout their affair but their ending is usually tragic. Apart from young people anybody that lives for love must shade tears at one time when the love comes to an end either through death or through other ways.

The play Pyramus and Thisbe has two main characters and other minor characters mentioned to support the story as well the themes accompanied by the story. The first character who is very popular in the story is Pyramus. According to the author the mentioned character is obviously young, perhaps in his teenage years (Camati & Anna, pg.19). He is truly passionate and he is a model to the rest of the young men who existed during the renaissance period. The young character is also handsome according to the author. The character appeared to be impressive to the young lady Thisbe when they frequently communicated through the crack separating their homes. Pyramus is also na??ve. This character trait is largely exhibited on how the young man reacted when he saw the veil of her lover. The act of killing himself with an exhibit of the veil only, is a valid reason to show how the character was na??ve, misinformed and lacked exposure. If the character was not maybe native he would have taken sometime to investigate on the matter before rushing towards making the decision of killing himself. The other main character in the story is Thisbe. From the analysis of the character Pyramus, then it is obvious that Thisbe is young and also she is in her teenage years.

Thisbe is deeply in love with her lover Pyramus, and the trait can be easily depicted by the act of killing herself after she found his lover had already died. Thisbe is also an archetype. The trait can be easily figured out from the act of committing suicide after she found out that his lover was dead. Further to emphasize on her as being archetypical, the act of taking her own life is a symbol of she viewed their love affair as being connected by spirit and not flesh or blood. She is also determined and this is seen when she planned with Pyramus to meet at the old tomb to show him her commitment for their intimate relationship. Just like her lover she is also native. The author displays this trait when he signifies how the character was unable to control her grief until she took her precious life by a sword. However, her character sounds like an inspiration to many young people who lived during that period and later because challenges faced by young lovers are similar.

Another important character in the play is the lion. This lion is one that chases Thisbe until she dropped her veil then the lion shades it with blood. When Pyramus found the veil he thought that Thisbe had been killed forcing him to commit suicide. Orpheus was another character who was music talented and his wife was killed by a snake bite. Eurydice is also an important character in the play and she is wife to Orpheus. Ceyx another character in the story goes on a journey to cross the sea but dies (Delcorno & Pietro, pg.41). When Ceyx dies he turns into a turtle. Ceyx was in marriage with Alcyone who was his wife. Alcyone learned about her husband’s death in a dream and wished that they would meet again. Pygmalion another character in the play was a Cyprus king who fell in love with a woman statue. The statue was later given life as Galatea. Galatea was another notable character who was converted to life from being a statue by Aphrodite as an answer to prayers by king Pygmalion.

Baucis were old couples and they once hosted Hermes and Zeus. They were rewarded to never separate and when they died they turned into a tree. Philemon were other characters who hosted Zeus and Hermes when their neighbors refused to host them. The couple received several rewards like being saved from floods, their wish of dying at the same moment was granted turning them into a tree after their death. Endymion in the play was the shepherd and was in love with Selene. In the story Daphine fell in love with the daughter of god Peneus and did not leave him although she did not love him. Daphine’s farther turned her into a tree because he wanted to protect her. Alpheus was the god of the river and loved Arethusa until one day he chased her until she got tired turning her into water. Arethusa is the lady who turned into spring water after being chased by Alpheus.

The story Pyramus and Thisbe is an example of a classis love story and many styles have been used to prepare the main plot of the story (Tammie and Saxby, pg.7). Most notable styles used by the author is Similarity. Similarity in the story manifests itself because the story is similar to the story of Juliet and Romeo which was written by the same author during the same period. The two stories are similar because their themes coincide with each other and symbols also look similar. Symbolism is another style used to develop the story. The story has many symbols but the main symbols are the mulberry tree and the wall. Though the wall separated the young lovers, there existed a chink that served as a link between the two young lovers. The chink in the wall is symbolic that it is futile to separate two hearts that have fallen in love with each other. Another symbol of a barrier is the parents of both Pyramus and Thisbe. Despite their feeling for love on one another the two parents decided to create a barrier by making sure the two do not meet with each other.

Finally, at the end of the story their parents agree that the two were indeed in true love. They accepted the two couples to be buried together breaking the initial barrier that they had put between them. Another symbol of a wall or barrier was the lion. It chased Thisbe away dismantling the plan that they had of meeting and expressing their love to one another. The sword is a symbol of the power of control that lovers have. Both lovers used the sword to commit suicide taking their own lives consequentially. The lovers decided to take control of their lives with believe that they will meet and continue with their love affair in heaven were they will not be faced with any obstacle or restriction. The mulberry tree is a main symbol that signifies the extent of love that the two couples had with each other. It was darkened by blood that was shade by the two young couples changing its original color to red sign of true love. Up to date the fruits of the tree are presented as a gift of love in many parts of the world.

Tragic Love is the major theme in the story. The main story line in the play is about the desperate love that Pyramus and Thisbe had with each other (Pratt, Karen, pg.257). Apart from the two main characters, other minor characters mentioned earlier in the story analysis are also victims of tragic love affairs. If the love of the protagonist was set free by their parents by allowing them to get married, then their sudden deaths would not have prevailed. Theme of dreams hopes and plans is also displayed in the play. The protagonist were very hopeful and were dreaming about living together and breaking the barriers that existed in their lives. However, just like other ancient love stories their dreams were shuttered by the lion, their parents and other series of barriers which progressively hindered them. The theme of trust and mistrust was also highlighted from the story. The protagonist were seen to be trust each other to extend of planning to meet each other at a secret place in the tomb. Despite the fact that the two couples trusted each other, their parents did not trust them. They were paranoid and denied any bid from Pyramus and Thisbe to get married or to court freely until they devised other ways to meet and express their love.

The myse en abyme in Pyramus and Thisbe is a play that the author used to express how hindered love can bring troubles to both their lovers, parents and the rest of the society. Some scholars believe that the story is one of the oldest stories of love in modern England. The play has been repeated severally in many theatres and has been used as in literature by many tutors of literature.

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Elizabethan Culture in A Midsummer Night’s Dream

The Elizabethan Era began on November 17, 1558, the day Elizabeth Tudor ascended the throne of England and became queen. This period in history lasted roughly forty-five years, until her death on March 24, 1603. (Alchin) During the last couple decades of Elizabeth’s life, William Shakespeare began to gain popularity in the theater world of England.

In 1599, Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar was performed for the first time in the Globe Theater, London’s famed auditorium. Shakespeare wrote about thirty-seven plays during his lifetime, and many of them reflected the time period he grew up in. Since it is thought that Shakespeare was born in April of 1564, a big portion of his childhood and young adult life took place during the Elizabethan Era, which influenced a number of his plays, including A Midsummer Night’s Dream. (Alchin) The superstitious beliefs, the treatment of women, and Titania’s entourage are all connections from the play to the culture and history of the Elizabethan Era.

Superstition was a very important part of Elizabethan daily life, and Shakespeare incorporated many of these beliefs into his play A Midsummer Night’s Dream. One of these beliefs was that fairies walked the earth, and that they were fallen angels that sided with the devil (Whitesides). According to superstition, these fairies only emerged at night to play tricks on the humans. While they were not entirely evil, these creatures were mischievous and therefore were often blamed for misfortunes that befell the innocent. Shakespeare included the basic ideas of this centuries old superstition in his play, but also added a twist to it. While fairies had always been feared by the humans, Shakespeare portrayed them as more good-natured than the stories always said they were. In A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the fairies, especially Oberon, were trying to do the right thing, but they still managed to play a wicked trick on Helena, Hermia, Lysander and Demetrius. The legendary character Puck was also included in the play, and he was a well known sprite during the Elizabethan Era. It is unknown whether the story of Puck emerged from Scandinavia, Germany or Ireland, but it spread throughout Europe no matter where the story originated. There are different names for Puck in old English, old Norse, Swedish, Danish, German, Irish, Latvian, Lithuanian and Welsh, which shows just how widespread this superstition was. The old stories described Puck as a shapeshifter that came out at night to cause harm and mischief to the innocent. In the Irish variation of Puck, he is often depicted with an ass’ head. This connects to A Midsummer Night’s Dream because when Puck used his magic on Bottom, he gave him the head of an ass. The Welsh version of Puck, called Pwca, would lead travelers with a lantern and then blow it out when they were at the edge of a cliff. This also connects to the play because Puck lured Demetrius and Lysander into the same area as he did the travelers in the story, but instead of using a lantern, he used his voice to trick them. Basically, Puck is known as a mischievous sprite that loves to cause chaos. Throughout the play, Shakespeare shows this side of Puck, such as when he realized that he had made a mistake in delivering the love potion. This is shown in Act III Scene II of the play when Puck says,

Believe me, king of shadows, I mistook.

Did not you tell me I should know the man

By the Athenian garments he had on?

And so far blameless proves my enterprise,

That I have ‘nointed an Athenian’s eyes;

And so far am I glad it so did sort,

As this their jangling I esteem a sport. (Act III Scene II p. 42).

Puck finds the entire situation hilarious and is glad that he caused all that drama, for it was his entertainment. Another Elizabethan belief that Shakespeare incorporated into his play was changelings. During this time period, people who were different were often shunned, for it was believed that they had been touched by the devil. Parents of babies that were physically or mentally sick or had physical deformities, believed that their real child had been taken away from them, and was switched with a weak fairy child. To get the real child back, it was thought the changeling had to laugh or be tortured, which led to a lot of child abuse. Shakespeare put this belief in his play as well, but again, it was a little different than the classic story. In A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the changeling was the son of Titana’s friend who passed away. He was a human boy in the fairy world, the exact opposite from the superstition.

This time period in history, like many others, did not treat women the same as they did men. Societal rules for women during the Elizabethan Era were strictly drawn out. Men were expected to be the ones to support the family, and women were to be housewives and mothers. Women were also considered to be the weaker sex in both physical and mental terms. It was believed that females needed someone to look after them at all times, whether it was their husband, brother or father. This was included in the play when Helena pleaded for Demetrius to

Use me but as your spaniel, spurn me, strike me,

Neglect me, lose me; only give me leave,

Unworthy as I am, to follow you.

What worser place can I beg in your love, —

And yet a place of high respect with me, —

Than to be used as you use your dog? (Act II, Scene I, p. 18)

This quote shows that women were used to be treated like dogs by men during this period. Another thing Shakespeare incorporated into his play that connects to women’s rights was the fact that women were not allowed to work jobs such as doctors, lawyers, etcetera. While they were allowed to work domestic jobs such as maid or cook, they could not act in plays. This means that during the Elizabethan period, men played women’s roles in the theaters. Shakespeare mentions this in A Midsummer Night’s Dream when he includes the lines,

Flute, you must take Thisbe on you.

What is Thisbe? A wandering knight?

It is the lady that Pyramus must love.

Nay, faith, let not me play a woman; I have a beard coming.

That’s all one: you shall play it in a mask, and you may speak as small as you will. (Act I, Scene II, p. 10)

Shakespeare included the Elizabethan beliefs and rules regarding women into his play, which shows his writing was significantly influenced by the era he grew up in and the rules that society followed.

The minor characters Peaseblossom, Cobweb, Moth and Mustardseed do not seem to play a big role in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, apart from aiding the queen of the fairies, but they do provide a lot of insight on Shakespeare and the daily life of Elizabethans. It’s not really what the helpful fairies do in the play that provides insight into the Elizabethan Era, it is more of the names Shakespeare chose for them. Peaseblossoms, spiderwebs, moths and mustard seeds played a pivotal role in the daily life of people during this time period, for they were used as household remedy ingredients. These remedies were not limited to the lower class citizens, everyone knew of these natural medicines and believed in their powers. Cobwebs have long been used for medicinal purposes, for they were used on cuts to help them heal faster and to stop the bleeding. This is shown when Bottom greets Cobweb by saying,

I shall desire you of more acquaintance, good Master

Cobweb: if I cut my finger, I shall make bold with you.

(Act III, Scene I, pg. 31)

Moths were also used during the Elizabethan Era as a form of medicine, they were boiled over a fire and combined with other remedies to ease illnesses. Mustard seeds as well as peaseblossoms were herbs used in medicinal remedies as well as for provoking lust. It was believed that during the night of the summer solstice, plants were given special powers, which they only got once a year. The fact that this play took place on that very night, and that two of the four maids of Titania were plants that would have gained powers on this magical night. The medicinal beliefs and superstitions of this time period was a big influence on the play, specifically in the creation of Cobweb, Mustardseed, Moth, and Peaseblossom.

A number of writers are influenced by their past experiences when they write, and Shakespeare was no different. About thirty-nine years of Shakespeare’s life took place during the Elizabethan Era, and since he only lived to the age of fifty-two, that was more than half of his entire life. The culture, customs, and traditions of this period seeped into a number of his plays and poems. A Midsummer Night’s Dream was no different, for Shakespeare included important part of Elizabethan culture into the play. There are many other connections to the time period to the play, but the ones that seemed to be of the most importance included the superstitions, the treatment of women, and the well-known household remedies of the Elizabethan period.

Dreams in A Midsummer Night’s Dream

1. Introduction

The idea of the dream and why is it important, it because it tells a person about their realty to who they are. They also highlight things that you don’t know about which could be repressed memories. Ideas of the unconsciousness of the dream highlights, making fun of the idea, being ironic as nothing is as what it seems to be.

Midsummer is a period of time summer solstice period where earth was tilted towards the sun meaning the days are longer (making it the longest days of the year) towards midsummer’s they would light born fries to protect them from evil spirits which would be witches.

With this assignment will be discussing how the characters were living in reality but thinking that everything that was happening to them was a dream, and it was because they were under a magical spell to which they had no knowledge of.

Everything that happened was because of the quadrilateral love that was between four young people is the play, so everything that happened in their unconsciousness lead to them feeling everything was a dream whereas it was not. Dreaming may be represented as an ongoing fairytale that people wish to live in.

All love is portrayed by poetry, as a strong intimate relationship bond.

Four days will quickly steep themselves in night;

Four nights will quickly dream away the time;

And then the moon-like to a silver bow

Newbent in heavenshall behold the night Of our solemnities (Act 1, Scene 1, Line 7-10)

Hippolyta simply was saying that the duration of this play was four days which they will steeply be in the night and the night will quickly turn into a dream that will be discussing in the duration of this essay. So Hippolyta saw everything even before it happened, how we don’t know, we could simply say because of the magic that was portrayed in the play. Full moon like a silver bow was the effect of the night in the forest.

Before unpacking what is the dream about, we must understand before we have arrived to the forest what happened. We had four youngsters that were in love with one another but the challenge or complicate part of it; it was that Hermia and Lysander were both in love but the father of the girl did not approve of her being with Lysander but instead he wanted Hermia to be with Demetrius who was a wealthy off man.

Even though that was the case, Hermia did not want to hear anything but instead she fought for what she believed in and the love that she had for Lysander. In the picture was a girl called Helena respectful, humble, loving and caring. She wanted to be more like Hermia, so she could stand up for herself and decide to what she wants in her life, talking about the things that she wanted, Helena really loved Demetrius.

Even though Demetrius was not giving Helena much attention, which did not stop her because she was tired of being the obedient girl who is being told always what to do and how to do it.

Hermia was girl who was rebellious, did not listen to what was said to her initially she lived her life according to what she wanted it to be. She even disrespected her own fathers decision when she was told that in order for her to live for many years she must marry Demetrius, but that did not scare her even for a bit. She was so focused on her relationship between her and Lysander.

Lysander was a young man who was in love with Hermia, he did not have much fortune as Demetrius but he could afford a standard life, which was a disappointment to the father, because we all know that a father always wants her daughter to be taken care of wonderfully and respectfully by the man she chooses, as much as she was not allowed to chose for herself in this play.

Egeus was the father of Hermia, a man who likes status and money. With that reason Demetrius was the best choice for her daughter so that she may marry and not be in need of anything as he knows that he is a well put together person, wealthy he meant. Even though Egeus wanted the best for her daughter Hermia, but its known that money and wealth is not a reason for any girl to marry that specific guy, love is also important and counts a lot for a woman.

So now that we have understood we can go back to analysing the dream, magic, fairytales and love.

Here come the lovers, full of joy and mirth.

Joy, gentle friends, joy and fresh days of love

Accompany your hearts. (Act 5, Scene 1, line 28-29).

Theseus was giving words of encouragement to the lovebirds of the play, telling them that they should enjoy being in live, because love us a beautiful thing to feel and have if its real. He had hope that things would go well for Hermia and Lysander as well as Helena finding what she really wants and Demetrius forgetting about Hermia and actually loving Helena, he can’t get Hermia because of Lysander.

The Significance of Dreams in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

Shakespeare uses allusions to further describe the importance of dreams and showing that dreams do not affect the outcome of your real daily life by giving examples throughout the play. Such as, the characters Lysander and Hermia dream that they were in love with each other even though in reality Hermia’s father will not allow it. Furthermore, Helena dreams she loves Demetrius, but Demetrius loves Hermia.

Even though Hermia informs Demetrius that Helena is in love with him Demetrius does not care and continues to pursue Hermia. Titania dreams she is in love with a donkey, and the donkey was Bottom. Titania loves Bottom and treats him like a king. None of these characters dreams affects the outcome of their real lives. For example, Hermia does not change what she does even after dreaming of a snake that eats her heart. All the characters use the word dream to describe the strange things they remembered happening in the woods.

Imagination plays a key role in the play, because Shakespeare uses it to form very creative scenes and it shows that when people dream that their imagination works thoroughly to create the images.The forest in Midsummer Night’s Dream represents imagination. Puck, a fairy servant and friend of Oberon, watches six Athenian men practice a play to be performed for Theseus’ wedding in the forest. Puck turns Bottom’s head into that of a donkey. The other players see Bottom and run away screaming. A lunatic’s mind is unhinged and his/her imagination is free to do what it wants. The person may think they have magical powers. A poet’s mind is dominated by imagination. They use imagination and creativity to create poems. At the end of the play, the fairies arrive to bless the three couples. Puck tells us, “”Now it is the time of night that the graves, all gaping wide, everyone lets forth his spirit in the churchway paths to glide and we fairies, that do not run by the triple Hecate’s team from the presence of the sun, following darkness like a dream, now are frolic”” (Act 5, Scene 1). Oberon and Titania sing, “”So shall all the couples three ever true in loving be and the bolts of Nature’s’ hand shall not in their issue stand. Never mole, harelip, nor scar, not mark prodigious, such as are despised in nativity, shall upon their children be”” (Act 5, Scene 2). A dream is another form of imagination. The conscious mind is not in control. In dreams anything can happen, a person can become someone else. Fairies are a thing of the imagination, bringing magic to our lives.

Lastly, Shakespeare uses time to show the importance of dreams. There is no passage of time during dreams; for example, a person could dream about a whole year and it only be twenty minutes of sleep. Dreams in historic times were often used to predict the future. In modern times, dreams only represented meaning. Now people place more meaning behind what they dream rather than what is real. Shakespeare uses the examples of no time passing to show that the brain can creatively think about many things and think ahead of time.

In A Midsummer Night’s Dream the role of dreams is very significant to the play because the dream also allows people to see how unreal life can feel. However, dreams do not affect the outcome of people’s real life. At times life is strange and out of control and the characters in the play use the word dream to describe the strange things happening to them. Using the word dream allows them to just let the events be what they are and nothing else. Allusions, imagination, and time are all displayed throughout this play to help further the importance of dreams and the meaning behind dreams.

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by William Shakespeare

What’s not better than reading and watching fairies and parents getting in the way of true love? Who doesn’t like seeing people get turned into donkeys? Everyone loves a good fight and a happy ending right? In every play there is a debate with the book and movie. One is always gonna be better the question is always gonna be why? The real question is what makes a story a story?

Every play or story is based on a order. That’s what makes the story make sense, it’s what puts it in place. Now this play is different because it was written in a different time, a different generation, and a unique language. Every new part was called act. For example, the beginning starts off with a love story feud in act 1 scene 1. Everything is in order first come the love story with a couple of hiccups then someone getting turned into a donkey and a battle between gods and somewhere in the story someone is writing a play within a play. I know your thinking how can this all make sense in one single play but it was written by Shakespeare and everyone knows he has a very unique mind and brilliant ideas. On the other hand you could just watch the movie.

Now that’s the thing with a book there’s always gonna be a movie but who really knows what’s better. Even though there on the same thing there is always gonna be a difference between the two. For instance the play is always gonna have more detail than a book and that’s just a fact. It would always use more feeling and give a little more when it comes down to how someone feels. A movie does show emotion don’t get me wrong but writing give more of an extra effect. For example when hermia and Lysander were in the feud with her father about marrying Demetrius I got more feeling in the play than the movie. Of course they couldn’t say everything Shakespeare wrote down for the play because truth is it was so much, so they just summarized it. Though they do have a minor differences between them it doesn’t change the fact that they both are very similar because its still on the same thing. A book can use more detail and be better in so many ways but for me I’m more of a visual person.

Anyone that read A Midsummer Night’s Dream would know its not short. We read it as a class so can you imagine how long that took. I like how plays or any story gives us more but I like to see more than to read it. It’s just amazes me how books can take up to days to read but a movie just takes a couple of hours. Actually seeing someone turn into a donkey was better than reading about it. Watching Lysander hermia true love fall in love with Helena over a potion would always be better to visual see it than to read about it. This doesn’t mean the play was bad it just mean I’m just like the rest of society I’ll rather watch a movie than to read. But it comes down to what was A Midsummer Night’s Dream really about?

This play was a comedy but came with a little truth and happy ending. Every love story will have people not supporting the relationship. Just like love stories there is drama but nothing that cant be solved. Last but not least a happy ending there was things around it like fairies and

plays and fight with an Amazon queen. But it all started with a love story.

Midsummer Night’s Dream – Ms. Tuft

Do you know the real story behind love? Love can be a great thing but it’s not always as magical as it seems. Love can be a dangerous game you just have to figure out if you’re willing to play. In the play A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the characters seem to get their magical happy ending, but to get there it wasn’t easy Shakespeare made many difficult obstacles that they had to go through to get to the place they all wanted to get to.

Shakespeare uses allusions, symbols, and irony to show the difficulty of love. In A Midsummer Night’s Dream Shakespeare uses allusions to show the difficulty of love. An example would be “Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind; And therefore is wing’d cupid painted blind: Nor hath Love’s mind of any judgement taste; Wings and no eyes figure unheedy haste: And therefore is Love said to be a child, Because in choice he is so oft beguiled. (1.1.237)” Helena is the one that states allusion to help the readers understand the appearance of cupid himself, and to understand that love doesn’t come from the looks of the person but the person themself.

“Cupid is a knavish lad, Thus to make poor females mad. (3.2.469-470)” Puck states this allusion also referring to cupid that he is an untrusting boy that makes women upset because of the mischief that cupid brings. In comparison allusions and symbols are a lot a like because they both make references to an object to find a deeper meaning. In A Midsummer Night’s Dream Shakespeare uses symbols to show the difficulty of love. An example of a symbols would be “But, O, methinks how slow this old moon. (1.1.3-4)” this example is referring to Theseus and Hippolyta’s wedding that is approaching. Theseus is stating this line because he’s saying that the moon can’t move fast enough to bring in the new day so the wedding will happen sooner because he is excited for his big day. “Yet marked I where the bolt of Cupid fell. It fell upon a little western flower, Before, milk-white, now purple with love’s wound, And maidens call it “love-in-idleness.” (2.1.171-174)” This symbol represents how the missed arrow from cupid hit this little flower that was one white now purple filled with the magic to inflict anyone the power of love at first sight with the oils the petals created. Lastly symbols can be ironic because in the end the symbols meanings can be humorous.

In A Midsummer Night’s Dream Shakespeare uses irony to show the difficulty of love. An example would be “Get you gone, you dwarf, You minimus of hind’ring knotgrass made, You bead, you acorn. (3.2. 346-347).” This is dramatic irony because loving Lysander is telling his love Hermia that he loves fair Helena and that he wants nothing to do with Hermia anymore, because of the love potion that puck put in his eyes is fooling Lysander on who he actually loves because Helena was the first person he saw when he awoke. “Hippolyta, I wooed thee with my sword and won thy love doing thee injuries (1.1.17-18).” This example is situational irony because Theseus is stating that he won over Hippolyta by injuring her and that usually doesn’t make a person fall in love.

Shakespeare showed the complications that love carried with it by using allusions, symbols, and irony. Shakespeare uses allusion by alluding to cupid and leaving love to the chance, and symbolism by the flower representing the love that Queen Elizabeth never received because cupid’s arrow missed her, and the moon represents the romance throughout most of the play since it all seems to be going on at night. Shakespeare also uses the characters for irony when they insult one another for a humorous effect. Now figuring out the truth about love and how it has it’s good times and the rough patches, you have one important thing to ask yourself are you willing to play the game?

A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Global Warming

In Shakespeare’s play Midsummer Night’s Dream, Titania’s great speech These are the forgeries of jealousy; touches lightly upon the effects her argument with Oberon affected the world around them. In a short few moments they caused massive destruction. Her speech quickly opened my eyes to the destruction we as humans have caused in our short stay on this Earth.Although A Midsummer Night’s Dream and global warming are different they both touch upon similar topics.

Titanias great speech unravels a world crumbling because an interdependent ecosystem has been disrupted.According to Ecology and Environment by European Drama by Downing Cless, Titanias speech provokes associations of severe weather induced by climate change, massive species, extinction and ecological devestation such as rainforest destruction.

These are the forgeries of jealousy;

And never, since the middle summer’s spring,

Met we on hill, in dale, forest, or mead,

By pavd fountain or by rusty brook,

Or in the beach??d margent of the sea,

To dance our ringlets to the whistling wind,

But with thy brawls thou hast disturbed our sport.

Therefore the winds, piping to us in vain,

As in revenge have sucked up from the sea

Contagious fogs, which, falling in the land,

Hath every pelting river made so proud

That they have overborne their continents.

The ox hath therefore stretched his yoke in vain,

The plowman lost his sweat and the green corn

Hath rotted ere his youth attained a beard

The food stands empty in the drown??d field,

And crows are fatted with the murrain flock.

The nine-men’s-morris is filled up with mud,

And the quaint mazes in the wanton green,

For the lack of tread, are indistinguishable.

The human mortals want their winter here.

No night is now with hymn or carol blessed.

Therefore the moon, the governess of floods,

Pale in her anger, washes all the air,

That rheumatic diseases do abound.

And thorough this distemperature we see

The seasons alter: hoary-headed frosts

Fall in the fresh lap of the crimson rose,

And on old Hiems’ thin and icy crown

An odorous chapter of sweet summer buds

Is, as in mockery, set. The spring, the summer,

The childing atumun, angry winter, change

Their wonted liveries, and the maz??d world

By their invrease now knows not which is which.

And this same progeny of evils comes

From our debate, from our dissension;

We are their parents and original.

Titanias great speech is a huge eye opener for global warming. Shakespeare uses imagery to depict their world. Because of the tension between Oberon and Titania their emotions have influenced their control of the weather. Titania argues that their fighting has caused overflowing of rivers are on every continent, thus, the floods have ruined crops farmers put hard work into, livestock has starved because their is lack of food allowing the crows to become fat from eating off of their dead bodies, diseases have plagued the air, frosts are forming in the spring time at the same time flowers are blooming, the seasons are not changing properly causing confusion in the world. She states they are the reason for the destruction of the world because of a petty argument.Similarly, in our world humans are the root cause of massive destruction.

Global warming is a serious environmental issue and it is real. According to Dictionary, global warming is defined as a gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth’s atmosphere generally attributed to the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons, and other pollutants.Global warming causes health problems, animal migration, and the lack of food resources. Extreme heat and droughts in diverse regions of our planet have become problematic. The increase of precipitation has lead to floods of rivers and oceans. Global warming creates more natural disasters. Extreme weather events will continue to occur with greater intensity. So, we will experience significant changes in seasonal temperature variations.

Even though Titania knows the destruction they have caused and I know the destruction humans have caused their are still many who do not believe in global warming. According to The Verge by Alessandra Potenza, More than half of Americans seem to think that global warming won’t affect them personally. Including, our very own President of the United States Donald Trump. Why do they think this? Evidence is everywhere that global warming is real. Some examples that prove global warming is real Arctic sea ice and glaciers are melting, deforestation, Wildfires have increased including the most recent 2018 California wildfire. It was the most destructive and most deadly fire to have ever occurred burning an area of 1,890,438 acres according to Wikipedia, hurricanes have also have begun to pop up more often, Man made chemicals deplete our ozone layer such as Chlorofluorocarbons (aerosol spray cans), carbon dioxide,the burning of fossil fuels, air pollution all over the world caused by mass transportation, extinction of wildlife and plants, droughts, floodings and there is so much more. So why don’t they realize that it is man-made and we can still do something about it if the other half of Americans who do not believe, believe we can. It is not a fairytale unfourtanetlt and global warming will have a profound affect on the rest of our lives, it will not reverse it self. We have to be the change to this world and it has to be now.

We can save our Earth by, eliminating factors caused by humans and stop global warming. According to the NRDC, you should power your home with renewable energy, consume less,invest in energy efficient appliances, drive a fuel efficient vehicle, Go solar(this reduces your use of fossil fuels), and most importantly reduce and reuse. These may seem like small things to do but they sure will help In the long run when the government won’t help resolve our issues.

Even though in Midsummer Night’s Dream destruction was caused by overwhelming emotions and not just humans being humans, titanias beautiful speech opened my eyes further to doing something better for our world. Like it or not we are the problem and we have to finally clean up our messes.

In conclusion, Titanias major challenge was her argument with her husband Oberon and their overwhelming feelings affecting the weather and our major challenge is the ongoing affects global warming is causing in our world. Though global warming was evident in Midsummer Nights Dream and our real world, hopefully one day our fellow citizens will wake up and realize the mass destruction we cause in our environment.

Hermia and Lysander in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

Hermia and Lysander are in love but unable to marry because Hermia’s father. They completely ignore her father’s wishes and plan to elope. Hermia says By all the vows that ever men have broke/ (In number more than ever women spoke),/ In that same place thou hast appointed me,/ Tomorrow truly will I meet with thee.

(1.1.171-181), in this quote Hermia is promising Lysander she will run away with him to the woods. This is a very important line because we see how willingly Hermia goes against Egeus knowing this could result in her being killed. She is also giving up all her friends and family all for this one man. What Hermia is saying truly reveals how truely passionate her love is for Lysander. We can truly see how important they are to each other. Compared to all the other couples in the play, Lysander never stops loving Hermia on purpose and Hermia never stops loving Lysander. This love is very unique and you know they will find a way back to each other.

In Midsummer Night’s Dream, we see an example of artificial love. As the name implies it isn’t real but it is so strong that it tricks you into thinking it is real.This love is not actually love but more of an illusion. Bottom and Titania are a perfect example. While practicing in the forest, Bottom wakens Titania who has had the flower juice placed on her, as soon as Titania sees Bottom, she is obsessed. Within a few moments of knowing him she declares Thou art as wise as thou art beautiful. (3.1.150) those words are remarkably deep to tell someone you just met. Titania believes that Bottom is the love of her life, with just looking at him. Due to the love potion she insists he remain in the woods with her and even tells bottom that she loves him. She is so in love with him while he just seems to be clueless and lost. So doth the woodbine the sweet honeysuckle/ Gently entwist; the female ivy so/ Enrings the barky fingers of the elm./ O, how I love thee! How I dote on thee! (4.1.43-46). We see Titania completely starstruck by Bottom. We later see that it was all fake and as we already know is due to the Love potion that was put on her eyes.

Parental love is another amazing example of love in A Midsummer Night’s dream, we see that Egeus refuses to give up Hermia because he believes that it is her best interest to marry Demetrius. Egeus says As she is mine, I may dispose of her,/Which shall be either to this gentleman/ Or to her death, according to our law/ Immediately provided in that case (1.1.43-46). He refuses to give her up and says that she will wither marry Demetrius or will die.

Midsummer Night’s Dream: List of Scenes

Act I scene i, Begins with Theseus, duke of Athens and Hippolyta the women he will be marrying. They discuss how they want to set up their wedding which will be held in four days. While they were planning their wedding, Egeus a citizen of Athens and his daughter hermia come to see Theseus with a complaint.

Egeus has a complaint against his own daughter because she was supposed to marry Demetrius. Hermia’s father has promised her, but now Lysander also a citizen of Athens has won over hernias heart and she has fallen in love. Hermia does not listen to Egeus her father land refuses to marry Demetrius. So Egeus has no other choice but to let the law punish hermia. Theseus tells her if you do not go through with marrying Demetrius there will be consequences and hermia would be sent to a nunnery or put to death.

Theseus then asks Egeus if he could talk to him aside so they begin to talk leaving hermia and Lysander alone to talk, Lysander plans a crazy plan to get married outside of Athens at his aunt’s house that treats him like his son. Doing this they say they will be free from Athens and could finally live there live together and that’s exactly what they planned for the following night.

Act I scene ii, Far from Theseus palace in another place In Athens a group of actors meet at the house of Peter Quince to rehearse a play that will be performed at Theseus and hermias grand wedding. While Peter quince is trying to instruct the meeting the annoying nick bottom interrupts saying that the play they should be about two lovers that are separated by there parents and speak through a wall. But one night Thisbe gets attacked by a loin and Pyramus finds her bloody clothing realizing that the lion has killed his true love which then he commits suicide. After discussing the play Peter quince gives the actors their roles. The very annoying nick bottom tells quince that he should have the roles of the women’s voice or Thisbe or evening the lion because he has the ability to roar the loudest and best. But Peter quince was very worried that he could scare the ladies in the audience which then he would be executed. But nick tells quince that he will be able to roar the sweetest as a nightingale so that nobody will be frightened.Peter finally gets nick to want to play Pyramus because that’s the only part he could play. After Peter quince gets nick bottom to act out the appropriate role for him,The entire group the next night goes out to the woods to rehearse their play.

Act II scene i, while being in the woods two fairies meet and Oberon servants tells Titania that she should be careful and be sure to stay out of Oberon’s sight.

Has you can tell Titania and Oberon are very mad at each other so Titania decides to take little Indian boy that was so handsome but, Oberon wanted him for himself to make this young boy his knight. Ofcourse Titania would not give him up.

After that incident happened one Titania’s servants run into one of Oberon servants known as puck but aslo known for pulling outstanding pranks. But not shortly after the two fairies were interrupted by Oberon and Titania’s coming from opposite sides of the woods they both asked immediately why they were so close to Athens before Theseus and Hermias wedding. Titania explains to oberon that she thinks he is in love with hippolyta and oberon explains to titania that she is in love with theseus.They argue but then the argument then leads to talking about the little indian boy.Oberon insist that titania gives up the boy but titania tells oberon that the little boys mother was a ”devotee” and she must keep the little bo close to her. Soon after titania tells oberon about this she then asks him if he would like to dance with her at the fairy rounds and surprise him with her secrets that she shall reveal at the end of the night.Oberon tells titania that he doesn’t want to until they have come to an argument with the little boy.Titania was not to happy about this but what titaina did not know was that oberon was sure that he will get his revenge at the end at the night. Oberon begins his revenge that was not going to turn out to pretty. Oberon orders his servant puck to find a white and purple flower that was once hit with a cupids bow. Oberon tells puck that if the flowers juice is to be rubbed on anybody’s eyes,when they wake the first person at sight they will fall in love with and of course puck being the prankster he his was gladly to help out. Oberon plan was to rub this substance from the flower and he hoped that when titania was woken she would fall in love with a ridiculous creature. Oberon then said that if she did not give up the little boy he would not lift the love curse.

Act II scene II, After Oberon explained to puck what the plan was puck exstadilky raced to get this flower hit by cupid’s bow. Oberon runs into demetrius and helena but he makes himself invisible to where he could not hear or see them. Demetrius was yelling at helena telling her that he doesn’t love her nor does not want to see her.On the other hand oberon was approaching lysander and hermia and give them a curse, hoping that they will not get married so that Oberon could slay away lysander. But oberon was not done before the night was over he declared that demetrius will be the one chasing helena. Puck then shows up with the magic flower that will be used on titania,oberon tells puck that he knows where titaina usually sleeps and that he will go in and put the substance on her eyelid. Before oberon could do this he ordered puck to go in athens and find a random boy that is running after a young lady and give him this position so that when he wakes he will fall in love with that young lady.oberon tells puck that he will not know this young boy from athens but to still do it and puck was off to also achieve his master’s request. After titiana had her long night of dancing she finally fell asleep and gave oberon his chance to go in and begin his revenge. Oberon sneaks up on titania while she was sleeping and rubbed the position from the flower on to her eyes and hoping that when she wakes she will fall in love with a hideous creature. When oberon was done he felt very accomplished but his night was not over has he was leaving titania he ran into lysander and hermia. Lysander explains ro herima that he has lost the way to his aunts cabin and that they should sleep till the morning she they could find there way in the daylight, they sleep apart because hermia says she wants to ”respect custom and propriety”. Puck on the other had was having a hard time finding a young athen boy that was in love with a young lady so puck gives up until he runs into lysander and hermia of course asleep puck revealed that they weren’t lying next each other. Puck thought that this was the couple oberon was talking about and poured the position right into lysander’s eyes.Helena pursues demetrius only to be insulted and screamed at again she tells him that she is afraid of the dark but he still doesn’t listen and runs off into the woods she runs after him but she could not keep up letting demetrius go. Helena sees that lysander and herima laying down and she awakes lysander not knowing that puck put the position in his eyes. So when lysander awoke helena was the first person he saw and fell in love with her. He begins to tell helena that she was so beautiful but helena keeps trying to remind him that he his in love with hermia.lysander tells helena that hermia means nothing to him but hermia dose to take him seriously and storms off very upset. Lysander then follows helena which then wakes up hermia to find lysander gone and she goes off looking for him.

Act III scene i, The group of actors met at a pointed time to rehearse there play, since they will be performing to a novel crowned. Bottom says that there are certain parts of the play that have to be changed.bottom wants to make theses changes because he fears that Pyramus suicide that bottoms roaring will lead to the groups execution. Other men from the group write a prologue explaining that everyone is in safe hands and no one will actually die. During there acting bottom decided to take a break and step away from the group and when this happened puck the trickster turned him into a ass. When bottom returned to the group they were beyond scared and ran off back to Athens leaving bottom alone in the forest. A little while later Tatiana awake finally to see bottom and surely falls deeply in love with him at first sight. Tatiana was so in love she even ordered her servents to get whatever bottom would like.

Act III scenes II-III, Bottom and titania were really hitting it off,tatiana really was in love with a donkey. Puck later that day tells Oberon that his revenge against tatiana has worked . Although Hermia could not find Lysander after losing him but hermia was still stuck with Demetrius wad , puck was very surprised to see that hermia was walking with Demetrius rather than lysander her true love. puck relizes that he has made a very big mistake and he know has to fix it. Puck tells Oberon and Oberon tells puck he must fix this situation by morning.Puck finds Demetrius and pours the flower juice into his eyes, as Helena finds Lysander and they start yelling at each another this wake up Demetrius and he falls in love with Helena.lysander and Demetrius start arguing over who loves Helena, Helena gets mad and walks off because she think they weren’t serious. Has she walks off she sees hermia and thinks that she has apart to do with the situation so Helena tries telling hermia that she is going to scratch out her eyes and hermia gets very scared. lysander and Demetrius argue to protect them both but they grow very anger and storm off into the forest. Oberon tells puck that he must fix this situation once again but this time by the morning. Puck flies through the forest to find Lysander and Demetrius, puck must fix the problem soon before the sun raises.

Act IV scene I, Titania and bottom still laying together tatiana. Puck and Oberon sneak over to see how Oberon’s plan was going and Oberon would Say it was going excellent . Earlier that day Oberon spoke to Tatiana about the India buy and if she would give him up and she most definitely did. Oberon Now knows that Tatiana will give up the boy so he could now undo the spell.As the magic wore down she was very surprised to see that she was laying next to a donkey.Oberon was very happy to get what he wanted and took Tatiana to the dance .Puck transformed bottoms head back to a normal head has the sun came up, but the night was not over Theseus and his other attendants Hippolyta and egeus enter into the forest, they come across the young Athens laying in the grove. They wake them up and ask them to explain what is going on, they could not explain because they could not remember what had happened all they knew was that demetrius and Helena love each other as do lysander and hermia. So theseus just ordered them all to the temple to where the grand wedding feast.

Act IV scene ii,

At quinces house the group of actors worry about bottom because he still has not returned from the night before. They all worry that he has been captured by a creature in the forest. Flute on of the actors considers that they should go on with the play but it would be impossible because bottom would be the only man that was capable of portraying pyramus. After speaking about what they shall do snug enters the room and announces that Theseus has been married and along with him lysander hermia,Demetrius and Helena, and they are eager to see a play. There only problem was that if they go without bottom, bottom would have to pay a great amount of money in portrayal of Pyramus. Just then bottom returns and comes running into the room. Bottom tells everyone that he has a story to tell and they ask to hear it but he says there is not enough time, and they all go to the dukes palace to perform their play like planned.

Act V scenes I, As everyone in the audience finds there seats , Quince approaches the stage to presents the prologue, once the the prologue was reed. Two actors walk onto the stage and act out has the wall and the moonshine they perform their parts. After bottom was done acting out his part he asked the audience weather or not they wanted to see a epilogue or a dance. Theseus responds with the dance, flute and bottom dance and everyone clapped and the group went on to get some sleep.


  • 1 Cause and effect between the movie and the play
    • 1.1 My opinion between the movie and play:

Cause and effect between the movie and the play

In the movie there are certain parts that were not played in the movie and this made me very confused on what was going because when reading the play there were many changes.

My opinion between the movie and play:

In my opinion I think that the play was better than the movie. I think this because the play was very descriptive and I felt like the movie had too many changes. They play gathered more of my attention rather than the movie I say this because shakespeare work in the play was very good I enjoyed reading about the midsummer night dream it had a lot of detail and I could see the imagine in my head I think reading the play is also very fanstating to read.