Analysis Of The Story ‘ The Doll ‘s House ‘ Essay


In an Era where women were referred as possessions, we may think that all of them were happy woman taking care of the house, doing clothes and watching the children. Well, it ‘s not quite like that, at least, not in the stories, I am about to mention. A clear example of this is Nora from “The Doll’s House,” a well-known housewife who seems to do business just as well as her husband. On the other hand, we have Louise from “The Story of an Hour,” she was also a well-known wife, but with a quite different personality. We may think about these women as two completely different persons, but they have interesting similarities, however, as different as their unique and interesting personalities seems to be they shared one same epilogue in life.

(We may think about these women as two completely different persons, but they have interesting similarities as well as one same epilogue in life)

The story of an Hour is about a woman named Louise. A woman physically ill who never has children and who is emotionally fragile according to the people around her. When her husband allegedly has and accident and die, her sister Josephine and her husband’s friend put their feeling aside to break the news to her without killing her with such an impression. Her emotional weakness and her heart condition, coupled with her inability to express her thoughts and feelings, make her seems like a glass figure that can be easily broken even with the most delicate touch. In the other hand “The Doll’s House” is a story about Nora, a friendly full of energy young wife and mother of three beautiful children. She seems to be the soul of the party, a person who easily communicates with others and who does not have a problem expressing her cordial though…

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…hange her life in order to figure out who she is and how she wants to live her life. Likewise, Louise showed that she was exhausted of being unhappy and also very tired of her husband. She was brave enough to ensure her feelings at the very end and was happy to accept that a new stage of her life had come. Even though it was for her inside only, she broke free of the gold cage that her health and her emotional weakness created around her. The fact that she died at the end of the story manifest that she was not willing to lose all her expectations of the when her husband returned, so in a different and very dramatic way she was set free just like she wanted. Louise and Nora are both dynamic characters, because at the end of the stories, they both accomplish the same ultimate goal. They both were set free, in completely different situations, but free from unhappiness.

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