Analysis Of The Poem ‘ The Doll ‘s House ‘ Essay

The short story “The Doll ‘s House” shows the struggle people had under the pressure of society and its disgusting lifestyle. The story is written in 1922 the decade known for its parties and its changes in the social structure. While addressing the social difficulties “The Doll ‘s House” talks of the peoples struggles that still affect their lives while the social structure is being modified. Although Kezia is a part of a high class society she shows that even people of superior class can be kind and cast out the idea that people similar to her social status are entirely selfish and harsh just as a lamp scatters the darkness.

The families of the town symbolize society and the upper class families of the time the story was written. Their spoiled actions and haughty behavior push out the lower class families and treat them as though they were a pebble in their shoes. Although the families of the higher social ranking treat the people of lower social ranking with great disdain Kezia shows that some people from high society can be kind and without conceited behavior. Isabel shows how snobby the people of higher class can be by bossing her siblings and other people around so that she can get her way and receive all the glory and fame. While the Burnells talked of their doll house they showed their cruel and prejudice nature by excluding the Kelvey children from the group. Many people see the rich as arrogant and self-obsessed people who care little for those around them, this is shown in the manner that the Kelveys were treated. The townspeople symbolize the rude and uncaring parts of society similar to society the time the short story was written.

The Kelveys represent the lower classes of society, they are poor, their appearance is…

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…f a warm light in their lives just as a lamp gives off light and pushes away the darkness. The people in the town are similar to the dolls in the dollhouse. They are stiff and too big to fit in the dollhouse in the same way the people are too demanding and spoiled to deserve such elegant things such as their homes as fancy clothes. The townspeople are arrogant and display selfishness and worry of gossip amongst each other. Kezia lit a lamp in the Kelveys lives pushing away the darkness helping you forget what the darkness felt like just as the Kelveys forgot about Kezia ‘s proud aunt ‘s cruel remarks.

The short story “The Doll ‘s House” by Kathrine Mansfield shows that even though the families of high social status treated the families of lower social status terribly there are some that are kind and considerate and can be lights of affection in other people’s lives.

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