Analysis Of Raisin The Sun And How The Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents Essay

Comparison Paper

Raisin the Sun/ How the

In comparing the two novels A Raisin in the Sun and How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents had various similarities like gender role, family conflict, racism and economic hardships. Therefore, first in exploring components of each character with their dreams and reality the first issue observed is gender roles. Beneatha, the youngest of the generation in A Raisin in the Sun attends college, with hopes of becoming a doctor it destroys the gender role of housework and motherhood is the only ambition for women evidence of this is with a conversation with Ruth. She informs her to “Listen I’m going to be a doctor I’m not worried about who I’m going to get marry to yet – if I ever get married” (Hansberry, 2011 p.50). Another gender role analyzed in this story is Ruth, who only wanted to fix her relationship with her companion. Walter exhibits a display of sex role stating why their relationship is not working “That is what wrong with the colored woman in this world Don’t understand about building a man up and making them feel as if they are someone and can do something” (Hansberry 2011 p.34).

However, the novel How the Garcia Girl Lost Their Accents these gender roles are introduces with the father who quote) “Good bulls sire cow” to everyone that inquire about the number of girls “One, tow, three, four girls! No son? No, the mother said apologetically. “Just four girls’ (Alvarez, J.1991 p 40). Also, Yolanda experiences episodes of anxiety when encountering some men when she is on the island by herself to attain and view men an as threat is a gender stereotype (Alvarez, J.1991 p.20).

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…tices her parent is unaware how to help or understand their daughter. In contrast, her sister Yolanda having the inability to communicate with John efficiently produces the end of her marriage. Yolanda and her sister Sofia (Fifi) encounters sexuality with the cousin concerning the human body doll, Yolanda boyfriend Rudy) calls her frigid tearing away at their interpersonal self-esteems (Alvarez, 991, p97).

Whereas in the book A Raisin in the Sun their family conflicts of revealing that Ruth is pregnant, and how her health could be in danger if she does not take care of herself. Beneath trying to make a decision on marriage to George and intense on how to send the insurance money all conflicts the Younger family endured.

In conclusion comparison of this help, I analyze the text realizing the similar issue across race the people suffer in life for survival.


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