Analysis Of Midwinter ‘s Night Dream Essay example

Midwinter ‘s Night Dream

William Shakespeare has become one of the most famous and influential writers in English literature and his work has been reenacted and studied all over the world for several centuries. However, we often do not get the chance to admire all of his other plays as the school curriculum in high school only covers his four most famous tragedies: Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Macbeth, and Othello. Now, as a college student, I am able to appreciate his work more as I have recently seen Shakespeare Midwinter Night’s Dream which is based on Shakespeare’s real play Midsummer’s Night’s Dream, a comedy that portrays the events that surround the marriage of a Duke, the love of four young lovers and a group of amateur actors who must put on an act for the Duke on his wedding. In this version of Shakespeare’s Midwinter’s Night’s Dream, all of the original characters and the dialogues were left untouched, the only change in this play was its setting and the costumes, as the directors wanted to show us what this play would have looked like if it had taken place during the twentieth century during a winter season.

After watching Shakespeare’s Midwinter’s Night’s Dream, I was able to deconstruct the play by identifying the central conflict, main action, and the universal questions that are debated in the play. For example, the central conflict and the main action of the play happen right in the first three scenes of act one, when Hermia’s dad Egeus goes to complain to Theseus that his daughter does not want to obey him to marry Demetrius a young man who has his consent to marry his daughter. Yet, Hermia is not in love with Demetrius, she is in love with Lysander, a young romantic and funny nobleman who is also in love with H…

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…n while keeping the original dialogue. However, one of the things that I did not like was the fact that they had the characters in modern winter attire because this made them seem as if they had to travel through a time machine. But overall, I believe that the play had very nice transitions between scenes, which made it have a seamless flow from one point to the next. Also, the actors in this play were very believable to the point that I was able to relate them to certain facets of my adolescent years. Yet, the play did not affect me emotionally as I thought that it was a reflection on how I view love as an adolescent and it kind of reminds me of all the silly things that I did to get a boy ‘s attention. But overall, I did enjoy the production because it made me forget about all the troubles that I currently have in my life, including school and work related issues.

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