Analysis Of Lorraine Hansberry ‘s A Raisin Of The Sun Essay

Lena Younger, who is known as Mama in the story “A Raisin in the Sun” written by Lorraine Hansberry, shows plenty of her tenderness throughout the story. Although she can be a handful at times, she shows dignity and faith in what she can or cannot do around her home. This lady is simply thought as a strong, thoughtful, fearless black woman who is head of the house. The major problem in the story deals with the idea of letting the oldest son, Walter, take control of ten thousand grand who later lets it go to waste by the mistrust of one of his buddies. The large amount of money that got lost was received from Lena’s husbands’ death. No matter the case, this lady has a mindset that her children will soon react to know how to make a better future for themselves.

Mama plays a major role in this story that recognizes her as a strong, independent woman who cares fully for her family. Mama who is also known as Lena Younger, tries to get her family to live a better future financially as well as a steady fulfilled lifestyle. The money expected for the Youngers brings a great deal of trust issues and thought to see what is best for the family. That is to say, everyone in the Younger’s family give their personal beliefs in what should be done with the large amount of money. Mama; however, decides it would be best to use her husband’s money to invest in a comfortable home where every family member will have space to live in under the same roof. A place where they wouldn’t have to share a bedroom and bathroom with everyone like they have been in the apartment they have been living in for the past time. This woman desires to see her grandchildren have enough play area outdoors so they can invest most of their time in the dirt and provide a w…

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…or everyone in the household and fail to meet that one major responsibility. Needless to say, Ms. Lena was having to deal with multiple situations that made her realize it was time for a change in the family.

As a result, Lena Younger is very optimistic about her possessions and believes that her children can be more positive and useful towards the family as long as they decide to put their family first in everything they do. Mama is also a patient woman that no matter how many times she has to deal with the mischievous acts she acquires from her children, she tends to find a way to manage things in a calm, respectful way. Knowing how thoughtful Mama is about her family and environment, she deserves more than just a few gifts that were given to her by her family. Mama is simply a woman that should be respected as a person no matter how rough she may sound sometimes.

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