Analysis Of Henrik Ibsen ‘s ‘ A Doll House ‘ Essay

A Relationship of Equals

“I have loved you above everything else in the world” (Ibsen 717). This sentiment should be felt at the basis of every contemporary relationship between equals. As well as love, any relationship between equals should including feelings of: partnership, trust, and support.

First of all, partnership is a key aspect in any contemporary relationship between equals. Without it, a relationship is not truly equal. Such was the case in Henrik Ibsen’s, “A Doll House.” In Ibsen’s play, the husband, Torvald, held the dominant role in the relationship. He was controlling, demeaning, and emotionally abusive towards his wife, Nora. So, while Nora cared for Torvald more than anything, and considered him her partner, he did not view her in the same light. After eight years of marriage, Nora finally realized that fact. She realized that after all of those years of marriage, their final argument was actually “the first time … [as] husband and wife, [that they] had a serious conversation” (Ibsen 719). Since they were not truly equal partners, their relationship fell apart, e…

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