A Doll ‘s House By Henrik Isben Essay

It has to be taken into account that literature has always been the perfect mirror of the society that has provided the literary artists with the perfect medium of expression so as to raise their concern and critique the society and its practices. A literary artist has the supreme liberty to pen characters that represent the realities of the society. A work of art can leave a lasting mark in the minds of the avid readers or audience with the artist’s expression of sheer quintessence and aesthetic appeal that serves the purpose of being a perfect mesh of the commentary on the society and artistic expression. One can take into consideration the play, A Doll’s House, penned by the stalwart playwright, Henrik Isben that goes on to portray the issues related to identity construction and gender in the society that is marked by the normative practices and parameters of the patriarchal ideology. One has to reckon that the characters in this play go on to develop their identity in the course of the play and the construction of identity is intertwined with the societal practices and ideology.

It has to be taken into account that the character of the female protagonist of this play, Nora, goes on to tread on the path of shaping her own identity in the course of the narrative. One can very well understand how the society and its ways come to shape her as a person by influencing her decisions in life and the way in which she acts in the course of the literary work. Nora comes across as a prototypical character for the women folks of the entire society as she is faced with the blatant expectations of the patriarchal societal structure where she is expected to act and function in specific ways so as to satiate the parameters that have…

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…. Thus, it is quite clear how the society and its ways go on to institutionalize the inferiority of the women folks of the society. However, Nora shows traits of the strength of her character and identity in the course of the narrative of the play.

The audience comes to realize the fact that the blackmail by Krogstad and the impending trauma fail to change the nature of the female character in context. Rather, the situation goes on to open her eyes so as to make her realize the underappreciated and unfulfilled potential that she has as an individual. At one point of time during the climatic confrontation, Nora goes on to opine to her husband that she has been performing tricks for him all through the marriage. All this while she has truly lived a life of sheer passivity and utter subjugation that never let her realize the strength of her own personality and the

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