A Doll House, Trifles and Domestic Dependency Essay

Looking over the course of time, women had overcome some abusive and intrusive periods in society to be heard and noticed as an equal to mankind. Woman have struggled for equal rights as early as the 1800’s, which in this time the role of the woman was franchised in every home, to be seen but not heard, to complete what were daily chores such as cleaning, cooking, sewing and motherhood,. Women were in a time warp, and were in need to speak out, be heard and not judged by their mother baring and homemaking skills. Women were force to communicate amongst themselves in society, and also force to discuss amongst themselves political views.

In the play “Trifles,” characterizes women in situations of judgment by men examining them for their home economic engineering skills (multi-tasking around the house), never being acknowledged, just ridiculed to a breaking point of incompetence. In the play “A Doll House” the woman is given the image of codependency, not being able to survive without the allowances from the husband to manage the house and tend to the children’s needs, therefore giving the wife a tool to manipulate the husband, this formed a habit of deceit because she did not feel she could be honest with the man that is supposed to love her unconditional, instead he treats her like a child and degrades her with pet names. These plays portray a man’s role as law and a woman’s role to be controlled, and the strength that allows these women to stand strong and break away from “a modern tragedy” of mental, emotional and physical abuse (Ibsen, 1165).

A play depicts characters to give the audience a visual identity on something recognizable from life. Glaspell’s play Trifles gives just this image to the audience. As the charac…

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…s an equal to man put the idea in motion and gave women the courage and determination to form organized groups to gain their freedom and be heard in society. Women bonded together to start a growth that became a well-known organization called National Woman Suffrage Association in 1869, and this was just the beginning. By 1921, women were noticed in society and given civil rights, women were now able to vote, and it did not stop there. Women strived for better careers, better pay and most of all better recognition of their role in American society. Today women go as far as sitting on the Senate seat and taking a role in corporations as CEOs. The women today are a great social force in our society, this is a growing force with true accomplishment and the women today give thanks to our predecessor’s struggles that set the example to the women’s population today.

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