A Crown Of Thorns And Arms Spread Essay

A crown of thorns. Arms spread. Hands pierced. Jesus spent the last six hours of his time on earth demonstrating his perfect love to the world. He died a public death in front of his accusers, his followers, his executioners, even his family. This was not a death that men would consider noble or honorable, for this is how murderers and thieves suffered for their transgressions (Athanasius, On the Incarnation, 4.17). However, Jesus hung from a cross as one who never sinned in order that those who have sinned may be free from the judgment of death. Jesus’ story did not end here, however, and it certainly did not begin here, either. He entered this world as a child of a virgin mother. He grew up as a normal child with a mother and father, with a slight exception: he was the Son of God. God sent him as a mortal being of his divine nature in order that God’s handiwork could be revealed to humankind in a visible and physical way (Athanasius, On the Incarnation, 3.14). As Jesus grew older, he healed the sick and made the lame walk. He caused the deaf to hear and the blind to see. As the physical being of God, he came to save those in the world, both before him and those who were to come; however, he did not choose to come as a sacrifice, for even the most disastrous criminals were crucified, but he accepted this crucifixion in order that others will see and know that he is the Life (Athanasius, On the Incarnation, 4.19).

Throughout this chronicle, Jesus was not a Messiah that was simply walking around, performing miracles on his own account or authority. His work was congruent with the tasks God had planned through the Holy Spirit, for God does not move without Jesus, Jesus does not move without the Spirit, and the Spirit will not move …

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…find this perfect love, Christians must imitate the greatest example of love, whom is Jesus, that they may live in the dwelling of God who shows perfect love and allows all to live in his “Trinitarian life of love” (Coleson, Holiness in the Twenty-First Century, § Holiness and the Trinity).

And thus, this story has reached a full circle. An act of love for his creation turned to sending his own divine nature to this world so humanity may see his love poured out to them, and in turn, live in this perfect love and share it with those around them. The most exciting part about this story is that it is still not over. There is more to come. There is but one author of this story, and only He knows how this story will end. Until the end of this story is written, love will continue to be poured out over those who a part of this story, which, fortunately enough, is everyone.

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