A Comparison of A Farewell to Arms and East of Eden

A Farewell to Arms and East of Eden


“Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while.” This quote summarizes Catherine and Henry’s love for each other. Even though Catherine died, Henry had a huge space of emptiness left in his heart. Marriages in today’s society are very serious relationships although some people don’t seem to take them so seriously. Take for example Dennis Rodman, who married Carmen Electra and they divorced a week later. This shows how men are sometimes over powered by looks. My essay contrasts the relationships in Hemingway’s Farewell to Arms to the relationships in Steinbeck’s East of Eden. E. Hemingway displays a sense of respect for couples whereas J. Steinbeck portrays that women are venerable can’t hold a steady relationship. Abra gradually fell in love with Cal and eventually cheated on Aron with his brother Caleb. Cal slowly tries to ruin Aron. Cal influences Abra’s thought of Aron by saying sweet things to her. Adam smiled at her. “You’re pink as a rose,” he said. (590) The passage shows that Cal is trying to romance Abra. He knows Abra is venerable because Aron is away in the army and she misses him. By Aron absent, Abra needs a man and she turns to Cal.


Henry and Catherine hold a steady, loving and trustworthy relationship even through the tough times of war. Even though there are disputes on whether Henry and Catherine really loved each other, they held a good relationship. They tended to each others needs. Catherine took it slow while Henry wanted to rush into things to quickly. “Hello,” I said. “When I saw her I was in love with her. Everything turned over inside of me.” (91) Catherine and Henry were inseparable. Throughout the novel, their relationship became more serious and Henry had finally decided that he was in love with Catherine Barkley. “I really love you. I’m crazy about you.” (92) This quote displays how Henry just can’t get enough of Catherine how he wants to rush into things to quick. Henry doesn’t like Catherine for who se really is but is taken over by the power of her looks.


Cathy is a back stabbing devil and everyone knows it. Cathy tricks Adam into drinking her opium medicine so it allows here to sleep with Charles. Cathy heard Charles footsteps as he returned home.

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